About the artist

It happened when my car broke down in 1995. The proverbial “fork in the road.”

I was working for an architect and product designer in Lubbock, having received my Architecture degree from Texas Tech University. My broken-down Chevy presented two choices: buy a new car and remain in Texas, or take the big leap and move to New York City.

I started packing.

My dream was to continue my career in architecture and combine my budding design profession with my love of clothes by working for a renowned fashion company. I was lucky to work on store designs for Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, and my dream job with Donna Karan came along two years later.

I married my husband, Howard, in 1997 and he’d marvel at how I was working on projects all over the world—South Africa, Chile, Spain, Brunei. I was most excited to visit the exotic “King of Prussia” store, until I learned that it was in southeastern Pennsylvania and required only Amtrak to get there. But I worked with great people and loved what I did. (And got amazing discounts on clothes.)

Then kids started happening—three of them, to be exact—all boys! I decided to devote myself to raising my children and left the corporate world for my three-ring domestic circus. 

After our first son was born, we moved to Massachusetts for eight years and, when it was time to move back to New York in 2007, I decided to stage our home for sale. I came alive creating stories throughout the home—special places where one could imagine enjoying life, special moments in just-right spaces.

When the kids were old enough to make their own meals and even ride the subway by themselves—that was scary!—I was longing to do something creative. I began painting and creating designs that serve a purpose and influence the feel of a space.

Inspiration comes from “loves” throughout my life: a simple 4th grade sketch, the organic pattern of a European village, the unexpected art found in the cracks of New York City sidewalks, the imagined romance glimpsed through a brownstone parlor window.

At some point, the paintings all become my “friends.” I’m excited knowing that they will be a special part of somebody's just-right space. And besides...our Manhattan apartment got too small for having that many friends over at once.